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Classification of diabetes

This excellent summary of the different forms of diabetes was presented at a recent NB Medical course and I thought it was worth sharing.
NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) service provider change in Berkshire

As most of you will already be aware, there is going to be a change of provider for the NDPP service in Berkshire. Reed Momenta recently resigned their contract and the new provider, chosen by NHS England, is ICS Health and Wellbeing

The formal contract changeover date is 02/06/18 and we are now within the  two month handover period.

A series of transition meetings are taking place between the commissioner (PHE) and the providers. These are attended by Jenny Willson, Diabetes Prevention Programme Coordinator, and whenever possible, by myself. NDPP is also discussed every month at DSF. Jenny has spoken to all the engaged practices. We are endeavouring to ensure that the difficulties encountered by Reed Momenta are not repeated and that ICS Health and Wellbeing has access to all the learning points. 

Any patients currently in the programme will continue and their details will be passed on to ICS Health and Wellbeing, making allowances for the incoming GDPR. Additionally, any referrals made now, will be forwarded on to ICS Health and Wellbeing. We are in the process of updating DXS.

The national programme is going well. Recent information from NHSE England is available here
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