Diabetes Newsletter – February 2021

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  AccuRx template for newly diagnosed diabetes  
There is a new AccuRx template which practices may wish to use as part of their care of patients newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. It signposts patients to relevant support and information on the Diabetes UK web site, and can be found by scrolling down the list of templates, under the “Clinical > Endocrinology” section - it is called “Diabetes UK – T2DM new diagnosis”.
  Structured Education for Type 2 Diabetes  
A reminder that the digital structured education programme, launched in May last year and run by LIVA Healthcare, is still recruiting patients.  We have a quota of 400 patients to fill in Berkshire West, and there are currently about 75 places remaining.  Practices are encouraged to refer both newly-diagnosed patients and those existing patients who have not previously accepted a referral to structured education.
  Structured Education for Type 1 Diabetes  
A reminder that there are free online options for structured education for patients with Type 1 diabetes: MyType1 Diabetes, Digibete (aimed at young people and families) and Bertie Online.
  The National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP)  
The National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) is now accepting referrals for women who have had Gestational Diabetes (GDM) in the past. 

There is an updated referral form available on DXS, and practices are encouraged to offer this to patients with a history of GDM, even if their most recent HbA1c is below 42.  The only conditions are that they must not be diabetic and that they must have had their HbA1c checked within the last 24 months.  Our local NDPP provider remains the same, although its name has recently changed to Xyla Health and Wellbeing.
  Freestyle Libre  
There is a new version of Freestyle Libre, the flash glucose monitoring device which enables patients with Type 1 diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels without the need for finger-prick tests. 

The new Freestyle Libre 2 provides the additional benefit of an alarm function, so that patients can be alerted if their blood glucose strays beyond set parameters. The new sensor can be prescribed in EMIS, and costs the same as the original sensors. Patients will need to order the new reader device from the manufacturer before switching over, and this is available here. Freestyle Libre is also now available to be prescribed to patients with a learning disability who inject insulin.
  Diabetes UK Helpline  
Patients who inject insulin can obtain clinical advice from the national Diabetes UK helpline (0345 123 2399). It is available between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and at present it is intended that it will be available until the middle of March. Practices are encouraged to make their patients aware of this service.
  Videos about the Covid-19 vaccine in multiple languages  
There is a series of short videos on YouTube, available in 17 different languages, encouraging patients with diabetes to accept the Covid-19 vaccine when it is offered to them. This is an important tool for tackling the misinformation that has been circulating in some BAME communities about the vaccine, and practices are encouraged to share this link with patients with diabetes who have not yet received the vaccine.
  New DXS landing page for diabetes  
A new “landing page” has been created on DXS for all diabetes-related information and resources.  Search for “diabetes” on DXS and it should be visible.
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