Diabetes Newsletter – December 2020

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  Prediabetes CES and the NDPP  
Practices should by now have received copies of the newly updated Prediabetes CES and Insulin Initiation CES. It is hoped that as many practices as possible will have signed up to these enhanced services. Practices are reminded that the National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) is still running on a remote basis, so that patients can engage with the course either by telephone or online. Eligibility for the NDPP has recently been expanded so that patients who are at increased risk of diabetes on the “Know Your Risk” score can self-refer via this link, even if they have never had an HbA1c in the prediabetic range. Despite this, it is important that clinicians continue to refer to the NDPP in the usual way, for those patients who have had an HbA1c in the 42-47 range in the last 24 months.
  Structured Education for Type 2 Diabetes  
BHFT has managed to get the XPERT course up and running as a remotely-delivered offering, which is fantastic news.  We were thrilled to hear that their team has recently won three national awards for their delivery of the XPERT course.  They were awarded second place for “Greatest improvement in HbA1c” and “Largest impact on body weight and waist circumference”, and one of the individual educators (Fiona), won the prestigious “XPERT Educator of the Year” award.  This serves as a reminder of how fortunate we are to have this to offer to our patients with Type 2 Diabetes, and practices are encouraged to continue to refer patients to XPERT when needed.
The other strand of structured education is the LIVA health coaching app.  There have been many positive comments from those patients who have registered for this over the last 7-8 months, and it is pleasing to note that 41 of the surgeries in the CCG have referred patients to it.  There are a total of 400 places available, and 285 of these have been taken so far.  The remaining 115 places need to be taken up by 4th April, so practices are encouraged to continue to offer the programme to appropriate patients via https://liva-start.com/bw/
  BEST 4 Diabetes  
This excellent educational series for clinicians continues in the new year. Run by the Community Diabetes Team, sessions are currently being presented via MS TEAMS. The first session of the new year is entitled “Flash Glucose Monitoring – Libre Device Demystified”, and takes place on Tuesday 19th January (1pm-2pm). 

The second session is on “Dietary Management of Type 2 Diabetes”, and is scheduled for Tuesday 9th March (1pm-2pm). 

Please contact Diabetes.Training.West@berkshire.nhs.uk to book a place on either of these events.
It has been a tough year for us all, but the Diabetes Team would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy and restful Christmas, and to convey our best wishes for 2021.
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