Diabetes Newsletter – June 2020

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Monthly diabetes news for healthcare professionals and
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  National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) – Change in eligibility criteria  
As part of the prediabetes CES, practices are encouraged to refer all those patients at risk of diabetes to the National Diabetes Prevention Programme. 

We have been informed that the eligibility criteria for this have been temporarily relaxed until April 2021, so that the most recent HbA1c or fasting glucose in the prediabetic range can be any time in the last 24 months, rather than 12 months as it was before. This will hopefully help streamline the referral process.
  National helpline for patients on insulin  
A new diabetes helpline has been set up for anyone with insulin-treated diabetes, to help with any concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic. The helpline is available via Diabetes UK’s support line on 0345 123 2399, and is available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6.30pm. Practices are encouraged to make their insulin-treated patients aware of this.
  New National online services for people with type 1 diabetes  
The NHS has launched two new online services for people with type 1 diabetes, one for adults (called MyType1Diabetes) and one for children (called Digibete). 

A reminder also that the structured education course BertieOnline is available for patients with type 1 diabetes.
  Structured education for type 2 diabetes – an update  
A reminder that the new Digital Structured Education service for type 2 diabetes is up and running. As XPERT is currently unavailable due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important that patients with type 2 diabetes are referred for this new digital service, particularly those that are newly-diagnosed. So far, 152 patients across Berkshire West have signed up, and we are limited to 400 patients in total. So practices are again encouraged to contact eligible patients to offer them this opportunity if they haven’t already done so. 

Patients can sign up by visiting https://liva-start.com/bw and practices can code “Referral to diabetes structured education programme” when patients are given the relevant information.
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