Diabetes Newsletter – May 2020

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  Digital structured education for patients with type 2 diabetes  
On 4th May we launched a digital form of structured education for patients with Type 2 diabetes. This is seen as a vital part of the care of this group of patients, particularly whilst XPERT is unavailable. It takes the form of an App which patients can download and use to communicate with a personal health coach over a 6 month period. 

Practices are encouraged to contact all eligible patients to offer them the opportunity to participate in this. Patients can sign up by visiting https://liva-start.com/bw/
  Digital structured education for patients with type 1 diabetes  
Although Berkshire West CCG has not commissioned a specific service for those patients with Type 1 diabetes, there is currently a free online form of structured education for these patients.  It can be found at www.bertieonline.org.uk, and practices are encouraged to search for eligible patients and make them aware of it.
  Care and Support Planning  
There will inevitably have been a hiatus in the care and support planning process in most practices over the last couple of months. However, with circulating levels of Covid-19 in the community likely to be relatively suppressed at present, it would seem like a good time to start the recovery phase. Practices are therefore encouraged to begin booking patients in for their annual reviews if this hasn’t already started. 

Priority should be given to those patients whose HbA1c is >75, or who haven’t had their HbA1c checked for over 18 months, or who have been hospitalised with DKA or some other diabetic related complication within the past month or so.  It is important that practices also start to plan prediabetes reviews as time allows.
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