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  Advice on COVID-19 for people with diabetes
The Community DSNs have kindly put together some resources for the benefit of our diabetic patients in relation to COVID-19.  

The Primary Care Diabetes Society have produced an “At a Glance” Factsheet which includes some good reminders for clinicians regarding insulin and other medications in the context of acute illness. It is particularly important to be reiterating sick day rules to patients at this time.

Diabetes UK has also published specific coronavirus advice for people with diabetes.

We should remember that people with diabetes are regarded as being more vulnerable, and they should therefore following the government guidance on social distancing.

For any patients who may be feeling anxious or worried about COVID-19, clinical psychologist Dr Rose Stewart has published some good advice on Twitter.

Trend UK have some good leaflets for patients on “What to do when you are ill”, both for those with Type 1 diabetes and those with Type 2 diabetes. There is also a specific leaflet aimed at those who are taking SGLT2 inhibitors, in terms of the risk of DKA. The main points for those with Type 1 are:
  • Consider whether they need some way of measuring ketones (a blood ketone meter is best) – this is particularly advisable if there is a previous history of DKA.  The ketone testing strips on our local formulary are:
    • Glucomen Areo Ketone test strips (for use with the Areo 2K meter) and 
    • GlucoRx Ketone strips (for use with the GlucoRx HCT and Ketone meter) 
  • Please stock some ketone meters at your surgery, as you may need to given them out to people with type 1 diabetes (they can be obtained for free from the reps), 
and for Type 2:
  • Stop metformin and empagliflozin if vomiting and/or diarrhoea, and restart when eating and drinking normally.
Finally, hot off the press from NHS England is this clinical guide for the management of people with diabetes during the coronavirus pandemic.
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