Diabetes Newsletter – November 2019

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Monthly diabetes news for healthcare professionals and
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  New HbA1c codes  
The pathology lab is now reporting HbA1c as either 'Diagnostic' or 'Monitoring'. This is reflected in the choice of blood tests on the ICE form, so care is needed to ensure that the correct option is chosen:
  • Diagnostic: Applies to patients who are not yet known to be diabetic
  • Monitoring: Applies to patients who are known to have diabetes already.
The way that these results appear in EMIS may cause problems. If a result appears as simply “HAEMOGLOBIN A1C – MONITORING” in grey, this can be converted into something that EMIS will recognise by clicking on the blue “UC” text towards the right of the report and adding the correct code - click on the magnifying glass and then type “hba1c”, and select the appropriate item from the list. This will ensure that reports will pick up the new HbA1c values correctly.
BW diabetes twitter
There is a new Twitter account for Berkshire West Diabetes. The handle is @BerksW_Diabetes, and it has the potential to be a very useful tool to communicate with the wider community of people with diabetes locally. Please publicise this to patients and encourage them to follow us.
  Diabetes practice visits  
Work is well under way to prepare for the practice visits which are due to start in the new year. There will be a dashboard linked to Connected Care which will provide key data for each practice, and a 'Reducing Variation Toolkit' will be sent to each practice in advance of the visits so that some preparatory work can be done.  Watch this space!
  Low calorie liquid diet  

BHFT Nutrition and Dietetics Team is accepting referrals for this exciting new service. A number of patients have already been through it and lost a significant amount of weight, and some of them have effectively managed to reverse their diabetes. Further information and a referral form are available on DXS, by typing 'diet' and selecting 'Low Calorie Liquid Diet for Diabetic Patients'.
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