Diabetes Newsletter – October 2019

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  Diabetes Lead Role  
At the beginning of October, Dr Paul Westcar handed over the lead role for diabetes to Dr Aparna Balaji and Dr Richard Bishop. Paul has been involved in the diabetes network for several years as the lead for Newbury locality, and for the last 2½ years he has taken on the role of overall Berkshire West CCG Lead. Aparna and Richard would like to pay tribute to the leadership, energy and determination that Paul has brought to the role, and to thank him for the numerous contributions that he has made to diabetes care during this time.
  Diabetes practice visits  

One of Paul Westcar’s key achievements was to set up a process for reducing the amount of unwarranted variation between practices in terms of their diabetes care. The outcome of this process is the ‘Reducing Variation Toolkit’, which you will be hearing more about very soon. This will be linked to a series of supportive visits that Aparna and Richard will be making to each of the practices in Berkshire West over the next 12 months.  We very much hope that each practice will find the process helpful, and that we can learn from each other and improve diabetes care across Berkshire West.
  Diabetic Foot  
A ‘peer review’ of foot care in Berkshire West was held at the end of August, and one of the main recommendations from this was that every clinician who undertakes annual diabetic foot reviews should complete FRAME training. FRAME (Foot Risk Awareness and Management Education), is a free online course which takes about 30 minutes to complete, and is an excellent refresher for all those who assess feet. Please ensure that all staff who do foot checks in your practice are encouraged to do the training.
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