Diabetes Newsletter – September 2019

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  Diagnosis of diabetes and pre-diabetes  
This can be quite complicated and generates a lot of questions, a Q&A on the matter can be found here. I am very grateful to Ian Gallen for his help with this. The questions answered include:
  1. Where did the numbers to diagnose T2DM, IGT and normal blood glucose come from?
  2. What is the difference between blood glucose and plasma glucose?
  3. What tests can be used to diagnose?
  4. What are the diagnostic levels for T2 and Pre-DM?
  5. Which test is best and when?
  6. What if you have a normal FBG but abnormal HbA1c or vice versa?
  7. When is it inappropriate to use HbA1c to diagnose T2DM?
  8. What about a small increase in HbA1c above 47 in the elderly or certain ethnic groups?
  Diabetes lead role  
I have been the Berkshire West CCG Diabetes Lead for the last few years, having taken over from Richard Croft in 2017 following his retirement. I too am now gradually reducing my clinical commitments and next month will hand over to Aparna Balaji (Melrose Surgery) and Richard Bishop (Woosehill Surgery), who will share the role. Both Aparna and Richard have been involved in the Network for some years as Diabetes Leads for South Reading and Wokingham respectively. They are both very experienced and excellent organisers and will continue to support primary care and promote integration with our RBFT colleagues.
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