Diabetes Newsletter – August 2019

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  NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP)  
I am pleased to announce that ICS Health and Wellbeing has been awarded a three year extension to their contract to provide NDPP in Berkshire West. They took over from Reed Momenta just over a year ago and the service to patients has improved dramatically.

NHS England is now commissioning NDPP on an Integrated Care System (previously STP) basis, hence the contract had to be renegotiated recently. We are fortunate that we will have continuity for another three years.

Please remember to offer NDPP to your pre-diabetes patients when they attend their annual consultation, funded under the pre-diabetes CES. Uptake from referral is high in Berkshire West but overall referral numbers have been a bit lower than anticipated, perhaps because of problems with the original provider selected by NHSE. It might be worth discussing NDPP again with patients who were referred to the original provider (June 2016 – May 2018) if they did not enter the programme.

Referral to NDPP is via the form on DXS but patients can also self-refer. Patients are also accepted if they have a FBG ≥5.5 as well as in the pre-diabetic range  (or HbA1c 42-47mmol/mol).
It would be useful to code NDPP referral/attendance as listed in the Pre-DM spec at the bottom of page five.

The point of contact for any ICS queries is:
Andrea Metcalfe, South Operations Manager, ICS Health and Wellbeing,
Phone: 03335 773009, Mobile: 07484000541
  Email requesting diabetes advice  
As detailed in the previous newsletter, consultant Ian Gallen, Community Diabetologist has retired from his RBFT work and will return in September for community work only. Until his return in September, please can colleagues in the community use Choose and Book advice and guidance, so that we can respond to them in a timely way.
Diabetes Specialist Nurse Hotline: 07879 814922 (Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm) Consultant Hotline: 07717 867448. Email: virtualdiabetes@royalberkshire.nhs.uk
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