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  Ian Gallen, Community Diabetologist  
Like myself, Ian has reached a significant age milestone and will be retiring from the NHS on 4 July 2019. Ian is currently based 30% at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust (RBFT) and 70% in the community.

I am very pleased to say that he has decided to take the equivalent of a GP “24 hour retirement” and will return in his role as Community Diabetologist after the required break in service. He will be returning to work on 30 September 2019, but in his community role only.

This does mean that he will not be available for three months. Consequently, there won’t be any virtual or community/complex clinics while he is away, and he obviously won’t be available for the usual email or phone advice.

The virtual clinic email will be monitored by the existing RBFT consultant team, led by Theingi Aung, however response times are likely to be slower.

As we all know, there is a crisis in recruitment of doctors and nurses and this extends to diabetes consultants. Despite advertising over the previous six months, RBFT has not yet managed to replace Dr Diptendra Ghosh (associate specialist). This means the existing RBFT team will be under increased workload pressures.

Many thanks,
Paul Westcar
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