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  DSF Freestyle Libre Statement March 2019    
Berkshire West CCG is already funding the use of Freestyle Libre. There is a high demand from patients, who understandably, wish to avail themselves of this new technology, including those that have been self-funding. 

NHS England made an announcement in November 2018 that they were unhappy with the variation in provision between different CCGs, some of which decided not to fund FSL at all. It was indicated that central funding would become available to support CCGs with the additional prescribing cost. The detail of this has now been received and the CCG is formulating a new policy. 

DSF recommends that initiation should remain in secondary care where colleagues have the necessary expertise and experience to decide who will benefit from the device, and to provide the essential training and monitoring. Hence, patients should be referred. This aligns with NHS policy.

To assist our colleagues in secondary care, we now feel it is reasonable for GPs to continue prescribing after the first month, as we currently do with other drugs initiated by consultants. The drug will accordingly be changed from category “red” to “amber”. The same policy can be applied to patients initiated by hospitals geographically outside Berkshire West. 

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Paul Westcar
Berkshire West CCG Diabetes Clinical Lead
  Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in diabetes  

There is increasing mention of this important condition and I personally was unsure of the relationship with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). I found this diagrammatic linked article from the “How to” series very useful. One of the “take home” points is that we should not currently be screening for NAFLD.
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