Diabetes Newsletter – March 2019

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  Community Enhanced Services (CES) update for 2019/2020  
As a reminder, there are currently two Diabetes Community Enhanced Services; “Insulin Initiation” and “Pre-Diabetes”. Neither has changed in the last five years but we are making some minor changes to the latter from 1 April 2019.
  1. With the advent of NDPP, we would like to encourage discussion of the programme with each patient at their annual consultation, hence the wording has been altered accordingly. 
  2. At the moment, payment is made for patient invitations (£3) and for attendance at an annual consultation with a HCP (£23). To simplify matters, from 1 April 2019 payment will only be made for the consultation but this has been increased to £27.83. The claim code remains the same (“6AC “) and one consultation per annum is funded. Use of care planning is recommended. Patients can be invited by any method chosen by the practice.
  3. A simple audit should be completed at the end of the financial year (see Annexe A) as we intend to audit the outcome of the CES.
  4. The CES changes have been approved by the CCG and the draft specification is available here. The final version will be shared with practices by the end of the month.
  Uncoded diabetes patients  

Dr Tim Walter and Graham Brown have been using Eclipse and Connected Care to search for patients who have a recent (excluding the last three months) raised HbA1c, but not a diagnosis of diabetes. The aim is to check that we have not omitted to code any patients. This suggests that most practices have small numbers of un-coded patients.

Clinical Leads are checking for data extraction errors etc. but it is likely they will send their practices a short list of patients to check. Please look out for this. This might help us ensure our prevalence is accurate.
  Claire Scott  
Many of you, especially those in the Newbury locality, will know Claire Scott who has been a Community DSN since we started in 2012. Claire has decided to change roles and is moving to work in A & E at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, so will be leaving us soon. She has done a fantastic job and we will really miss her.
  Local education opportunities for GPs and nurses  

Information about local training opportunities are provided below:
  • Achieving excellence in diabetes management: Clinical workshop in improving renal care
    This workshop is being offered twice, from 9.30am - 4.30pm:
    8 May, Holiday Inn, Maidenhead and
    6 June, The Kassan Stadium, Oxford
    Further details and registration are available here.
    For more information email: alex.beckett@nhs.net

  • BEST 4 Diabetes
    BEST 4 Diabetes is a bespoke modular education programme for health care professionals within Berkshire West. The programme can be completed in its entirety or appropriate modules can be dipped into to refresh knowledge and skills.
    Each module is fully interactive and facilitated by the appropriate specialist for the subject. The modules are developed in response to audits of care and educational needs within Berkshire West.
    The 2019/20 programme is available here.
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