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  Berkshire West CCG National Diabetes Audit (NDA) results 2017-18  
The provisional NDA results for 2017-18 (1/4/17-31/3/18) have recently been released by NHS Digital. Please have a look at the overall achievement for Berkshire West CCG as well as for your practice. Here are the headlines:
  1. As in 2016-17, participation rates remain at 100% across the CCG, which is an excellent achievement.
  2. Care Process achievement is extremely good overall and well ahead of national attainment, both for T1 and T2 patients. The CCG was awarded the Best CCG for Care Process Attainment (“Best Monitoring in Diabetes”) at the recent Eclipse National Awards. T2 attainment continues to exceed that for T1. 
    The main issues are failing to code all data from secondary care letters into practice IT systems, plus lack of full information being passed on from secondary care, e.g. Foot check information. A standardised Melrose House letter is being developed. 

  3. Treatment Target Achievement is more of a mixed picture. Please remember that NDA measures HbA1c ≤ 58, BP ≤ 140/80 and TC < 5.0. Please note TC has to be < 5.0 not ≤ 5.0 and NDA is measuring the percentage of patients achieving all three targets.

    (i) T1 achievement is ahead of national average for overall achievement of all three targets and for HbA1c. BP achievement is good but has plateaued and total cholesterol achievement is slipping.

    (ii) T2 overall achievement is at national average but is static and has fallen slightly. HbA1c and BP attainment have improved slightly but TC attainment is falling and has lowered overall performance.

    Total cholesterol is part of PQS this year to support practice improvement.

  4. There remains a wide variation between individual practice achievement both for Care Processes and Treatment Targets. Please check your practice performance in this attachment. You can view current performance on the new Eclipse website www.nhspathways.org (same login details as the older site). If you have forgotten your login details please email your Diabetes Clinical Lead or Graham Brown (graham.brown2@nhs.net).
  5. The NHS has set a target that every practice should achieve at least 40% of their T2 patients attaining all three Treatment Targets by 2020.
  6. We asked practices to start coding attendance at Structured Patient Education (SPE) from 1/1/17 so this will feed through into NDA data soon. Please note that BHFT list the codes at the bottom of all SPE discharge letters to assist practice coding.
Dr Paul Westcar, Berkshire West CCG Diabetes Lead
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